Unkai Saitou
Kanji Name 斉藤雲海
Romaji Name Saitou Unkai
Gender Male
Age around 40's
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Occupation None
Relatives Yakumo Saitou (son/nephew)

Azusa Saitou (half-sister/rape-victim)
Isshin Saitou (half-brother)
Nao Saitou (niece/daughter)
Yuuta Takagishi (son)
Rin Kawakami (mother)
Harunobu Kawakami (stepfather)

First appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Seiyuu Akimitsu Takase

Unkai Saitou is the main antagonist of the Psychic Detective Yakjumo series.


He is a tall man with long straight white hair and crimson red eyes. Unkai was usually seen wearing a costum.


Unkai is cruel, devilish and insensitive to other's opinions and feelings. He is the kind of person who will use all the possible means to get what he wants, doesn't matter what that mean includes. He uses Miyuki Nanase as a tool in order to fulfill his wish and doesn't really care about her or another person. Unkai is a twisted person full of hatred.


His one target is to take over Yakumo's body once the boy is completely drown in hatred. He planned to kill both Yakumo's uncle and his guardian Gouto. Yakumo was stronger than he appeared and both souls couldn't align together.


He has the ability to see ghost the same as Yakumo Saitou. Unkai is Yakumo's biological father and a spirit of the  dead. Unkai sees everyone's true nature as darkness.